Offered Facilities

Immediate Intimation Of Absence Of Child

Daily attendance of each student is recorded. This helps to report students accurate incoming and outgoing time and same is reported to parents. Absenteeism and late coming is also reported to the parents.

Professionally Prepared Notes

Well prepared and customized study materials are provided to the students. It includes all type of questions and answers in simplified and easy language. We provide notes for all subjects taught in the classroom.

Parent-Teachers To Strategize Academic Growth Of Child

We organizes parenting seminars to address the psychological needs of the students and to support them during this important phase of their lives. Parents meeting conducted through projector for better understanding.

Concepts Cleared At Root Level

We clear all the concepts from root level and arrange special lectures to solve all kinds of doubts before exam.

Slow Learners Handled At Personal Level

Students with week basics or slow learners are not ignored. Located and handled at personal level till brought to level of others. This needs a very strong support from parents as well as student.

Instant Performance Report

Instant information for all in and out of student ( including lectures time table attendance, homework, results) can be viewed via App or website by parents ..

Personal Level Oral Sessions

Each student's progress through the course is regularly monitored. Personal attention is given to each student to enhance his/her skills and develop personality.

Chapter-wise Test

Test Series for IX and X Students (Compulsory for all). Special Test Series for selected students at the end of the term.

One-On-One Counseling Sessions

We conduct one-on-one counselling session for better co-ordination with students to enhance academic growth of the students.

Online Enhancement Of Writing Skills

We conduct online tests to enhance writing skills of the students.

PPTs For Quick Revision And Overview

PPTS for Quick Understanding and overview. Lectures conducted through projector for better understanding.

Mnemonics Of Answers

We provide mnemonics of answers so that students can easily remember the concepts and leads to better understanding and score.

Hands-On Science Practicals

We provide hands on practicals to learn science subjects. Without practical work in science the kids tend to just be passive receivers of information.

Highly Experienced And Professional Teachers

The teachers at GK Classes undergo an intensive training program and knowledge sessions to ensure that they are abreast of the latest alterations in the syllabus and teaching techniques.

3 Prelim Exams Weekly, Every 3 Days, Daily

We conduct regular exams, tests and prelims exams for students academic growth and parents can notified where there ward exactly stand.

Extra Practice For Seen, Unseen Passages on PCs

We arrange extra practice session for seen and unseen paragraphs on computers.

Software For Online Revision And Tests For Each Chapter

We introduced new way of revising the subjects and also parent can take test of their wards for each chapter.